Cambridge Bay

Due to some weather, we decided to stay in Cambridge Bay for a few extra days. Levi and Charlie took the guests fishing up a fresh watercreek. They pulled in some good fish and had a great time.  They met a retired local named Jimmy and made arrangements to meet up with him the next day.

Quads alongside Fortrus. Photo by Stephen McDonald.

Photo by Stephen McDonald.

Jimmy came by the boat and took us to meet his sister and brother in-law who rented us some quads and a truck. We followed Jimmy up to Mount Pelee. The weather was fantastic and the ride was super fun. A few of us ran up the mountain and Jacob spotted a small herd of Muskox.  Steve got some amazing video of the herd running strait down at him.  We were lucky enough to get some great pictures right up close to these wild creatures. Amazing… On the way back we found a weasel and also pulled in some Arctic Char with Jimmy.

Muskox. Photo by Michael Power.

Photo by Michael Power.

The people of Cambridge Bay have been very helpful and Fortrus is now fully provisioned for the next leg of it’s journey. We tried to fuel while we were here but due to ice the town’s delivery of winter fuel is late and they can’t afford to deplete their supplies any more.

Weasel. Photo by Michael Power.

We all had a very memorable time in Cambridge Bay….

Next Stop, Tuktoyaktuk.

Trick photography!  Photo by Michael Power.


3 Comments on “Cambridge Bay”

  1. Darcy Antonellis says:

    Greetings from So Cal! Amazing photos and looks like it’s been a once in a lifetime voyage! We’re thinking of you all!

  2. Tom says:

    Getting completely pissed, harassing muskox, an endangered species, carrying illegal liquor, setting off illegal fireworks, allegedly issuing bounced cheques and facing claims that an underage girl was allegedly provided alcohol at your wild party. Yeah mates, sounds like a once in a lifetime voyage alright!

    I am sure that the Iqaluit and the RCMP were overjoyed to see your arse ends! Paul McDonald and crew spreading Australian culture around the world. You make the rest of us so proud! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oye! Oye! Oye! Congratulations you’ve left a lasting impression!!!

    #1. Posted by boatie on October 01, 2012

    “We should send an warning to Tuktoyaktuk and other communities along their route?”

    “Bothering the wildlife like that. No respect for the land whatsoever. We need better monitoring of tourists like the fortrus dinks, and also of the wildlife up here. Not sure how that would be done but, needs to be done. They were probably in a territorial park too, chasing the muskox around.”

    “Fortrus. Don’t come back, please.”

    “Other tourists, respectful ones are of course welcome.”

  3. Pat H. says:

    Great photos of musk ox! What camera and lens did Michael Powers use to photograph the musk ox? I’d like to know what power telephoto lens is recommended for a DSLR.

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