We completed the Northwest Passage!

We departed Cambridge Bay on the 8th of September. The seas were calm all the way into Tuktoyaktuk. We stopped for just enough time to take on some fuel to keep on moving.

Powering thru the waves.

We punched through the first rough weather just west of Point Barrow. We ran into a short 7 ft on the nose. We took a left hand turnaround Port Hope and hugged the coast for ten hours to avoid some strong northerlies.  We took a straight line from there to the Bering Straights. We knew that it would be rough but the predictions were much better than what we encountered.
Fortrus ended up having to ride 15ft waves that backed around from the starboard side all the way to the bow. We punched through seas for over 20 hours with winds gusting to 60 knots.
On September 16th, we made it through the Bering Straights to complete the Northwest Passage.
We’ve had some spectacular Northern lights along the way. It was tough to get good photos with the boat moving around so much.
We are hoping to make it straight through to Juneau however a few gales south of the Aleutians are trying to prevent us from getting all the way to the southeast. We might have to stop in Dutch…

Dragging the Scout thru heavy seas.


6 Comments on “We completed the Northwest Passage!”

  1. daniel reynolds says:

    well done all safe

  2. Ellie Howden says:

    over the moon youve made it. Now hopefully for some calmer seas…Ellie Howden

  3. Jayne Waugh says:

    i had no idea it would be so wild (probably just as well)

  4. Julie Lidgerwood says:

    Hi Guys, Well done on a successful trip and for sending Noel home in one piece, although he doesn’t quite look the same as when he left home….! Tash you and Mel probably should retire from hairdressing…..LOL….!!!! Love to all and safe passage for the rest of the trip xx

  5. Chris and Abby Howden says:

    Well done guys and girls. Great to follow your blog and to see some super photos too.
    Thoroughly enjoyed following your trip and experiencing your ups and downs. Sorry you had
    such a rough time – albeit latterly! Chris and Abby.

  6. Rachel fechner says:

    Well done Paul and crew. What a fantastic and mind blowing trip it must have been. The boys are pretty happy that uncle Paul meet tony Lara deadliest catch. They are impressed. See you when you get home. Take care. Love the fechners

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