Sea Creatures

We decided to do one last night at anchor in Kodiak before heading across the gulf. It ended up being an awesome decision.

Sea Otters

Sea Otter. Photo taken by Michael Power.

We cruised around the east side of the island and found a massive group of sea otters. They were super curious and a couple of them swam right up to the boat.

A few hours later we spotted some whales about 5 miles away from the boat. None of us have ever seen such big sprays. Fortrus drifted around for a while as the whales came closer. They were enormous. One decided to say hello by surfacing just a few feet off the bow. They were Blue Whales and absolutely incredible.

We are half way across the gulf right now and should be arriving in Glacier Bay tomorrow.

Let’s hope that our experience over in the southeast is as amazing as our time in Kodiak.

Group of Sea Otters

Group of Sea Otters. Photo taken by Paul McDonald.


Whales. Photo taken by Erik Aubry.


Whale. Photo taken by Eric Aubry.


One Comment on “Sea Creatures”

  1. Kaye McDonald says:

    Hi Scotty & all the crew
    Thanks so much for looking after my husband for the long journey. I’m sure you all had an amazing trip together & a lot of fun had by all. Also thanks for getting Jake & Sam home safely. Look forward to the Xmas trip & catching up with you all again. Well done on the whole trip overall. Enjoy your break. Cheers see you soon.

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