Glaciers and last minute stops

We cruised through Glacier Bay and into Juneau. We definitely arrived late in the season. We are the only yacht or cruise ship here. It’s nice to walk the shops in Juneau without having all the crowds. The stores were happy to see some last minute crew spending some money.

We left Juneau on the 5th of October and started to cruise south the Ketchikan. Our first stop was Tracey Arm. The fog was thick as we approached the entrance. We were nervous because this was our only day to experience the arm. Five minutes up, the fog decided to lift. The sun came out and the conditions were perfect. The ice was super concentrated but we pushed our way all the way to north Sawyer. We were moving chunks bigger than Volkswagens.  It has been 6 years since I’ve been to Tracey Arm and it was scary to see how far the glacier has receded.  We drove almost half a mile off our electronic chart to get close to the glacier. A massive chunk fell off the glacier and sent a 6ft swell throughout the bay. It was unbelievable. A few brave souls jump in the freezing water and Charlie paddled his way out through the ice. We had an amazing day.

We steamed over night to arrive in Petersburg the next morning in order to meet our pilot to take us through the Wrangle Narrows. The fog was super thick so we needed to wait for an hour in order for the float plane to land. Once we got through the narrows, we headed straight for Annan National park. The weather was stunning and we took a beautiful walk through the forest.

We arrived late that night into Ketchikan. Once again we were the only boat in town. A few of the shops were closed but all the locally owned stores stay open. They’re the best shops for any type of authentic art or souvenirs.

We departed Ketchikan on the 10th to head south to San Diego. The weather had a different idea and we ended up pulling over in Seattle.

We spent two nights in Seattle. It’s always a great stop on the west coast.

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Looks like the weather will be slowing down a little bit and we should be able to squeeze through some fronts on the 15th.

Next Stop San Diego.


2 Comments on “Glaciers and last minute stops”

  1. Tony Roberts says:

    amazing stuff. wish I was onboarde with you guys

  2. Steve Schultz says:

    Say hello to Paul McDonald from me
    Been along the west coast on a liner in 2007 know what you are looking
    great to see the over the top thro the ice

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