Whale Spotting on the Way to Halifax

The seas have been flat calm and we had the opportunity to see more whales on the way to Halifax. This time we got to see some Humpbacks. They didn’t come too close but it’s always a welcome and exciting sight.

As usual, the fog came in thick coming around Nova Scotia. The bow completely disappeared as the fog took on the consistency of Pea Soup. The burgee pole that stands just 25ft from the bridge window was no longer visible. Fortrus had her Fog Horn sounding as we weaved through small fishing boats just a few hundred meters around us. We never even saw a light.

On the morning of August 6th, we’re hoping that the fog lifts before we start our entrance into Halifax.


Boston Harbor: Last U.S. Port Before the NW Passage

Fortrus arrived into Boston Harbor, which will be her last U.S. port of call before the NW passage. We had a great time exploring the coasts of New England and Massachusetts. Our guests for this leg of the trip were fantastic, and it was awesome to share this part of the world with such a wonderful group. The greatest highlight of the trip was beautiful flat calm seas that hosted a pod of twenty plus Minke whales. One curious whale swam thirty feet off the port side of Fortrus as we headed north to Provincetown. Michael’s food and the girl’s interiors service made our guests very reluctant to depart Fortrus in Boston. We will definitely miss this group and will try our best to bump into them again once we make it across to the west coast.

With Michael’s food and the girl’s interior services, guests are reluctant to depart Fortrus.
Photo by: Natasha Kovalenko

We now have 370NM between Fortrus and Halifax Canada. That’s where we will spend some time provisioning and getting ready for the north. We will acquire a new freezer that will fit up on the sundeck. This will help Michael with the massive job of provisioning Fortrus for the ride across the Arctic. It will have a secondary purpose of becoming a cold garbage locker once the provisioning has been depleted. We will be removing our dirty oil and taking on clean lube. Fortrus will also be fully toped up with northern diesel to handle the trip. We will definitely have a few very busy days in Halifax, nothing that a few poutines and some Timmy’s will get us through.

Erik, Levi and Scott: testing the sun deck driving station as they leave Boston Harbor.
Photo by: Natasha Kovalenko

Traversing through NYC

After a crazy trip, the guests all flew out of New York on Saturday. Our guests were all great and we had a fantastic time with them!  Fortrus said goodbye to New York City on the 22nd of July. Melanie and the crew were all on deck for a beautiful clear departure. The city looked spectacular.   Natasha rode with Charlie in the Scout to take some photos of Fortrus as she cruised away from the city.
We took the East river into Long Island sound. The seas were flat and the scenery was beautiful all the way into Newport.  Michael is taking advantage of being in Newport by finalizing a lot of the provisioning needed to do the passage.  Erik took care of all the last minute preparations in the engine room. We are now ready to hit the cold climate.
…Next stop will be Boston!

NYC in our sights

An early morning departure from Atlantic City didn’t fair too well with some of our guests onboard. We had a few men down due to a big night followed by early start and small seas. We can definitely blame this one on the alcohol.

We pulled into New York City around two o’clock in the afternoon. A little hazy but,  all the guests and crew were on deck as we passed by the statue and viewed the new freedom tower for the first time.

Image courtesy of Elisha Williams

We docked at North Cove, located right in the heart of the financial district and in the shadow of the new tower. A perfect place to be in New York.

Next stop will be Newport.